Grudge Style - A Different Kind of Approach in Web Designing

The evolution of web site in its first appearance from the so-called dot-com bubble to new web interface of web 2.0 has changed tremendously. Web design comes in many style and variation according to what purpose and function the web designer wants to intend. Some of them evolve over time while other web style has become obsolete and disappear without a trace in the internet. Because of the rapid emergence of information in the internet, some of the design style has lost the ability to communicate while others have strived for aesthetic style and good visual communication.

With the transition of web towards web 2.0 interface, the visual design is more expressive and innovative than ever and renders the web pages to become more subtle, more user-oriented, and more user-centric without sacrificing the usability of web design. Grudge style is one of the examples of this new design trend.

Grudge style is building its own name in accordance of Web 2.0 style. As web designing of web 2.0 is all about working with unconventional elements, this kind of style is something rude and provoking, hip and expressive. Its visual appeal is manifests through its worn, distorted pattern, and battered visual elements. Grudge style still follows the basic principle of good visual communication so it is fair enough to say that this kind of design does not literally mean dirty with shabby layout. One way of seeing the grudge style is to think that it has chaotic pattern with realistic elements that defines the quality of its visual appeal.

Here are some of the characteristics of grudge style:

1) The visual of grudge style is not always appealing. They can be visually attractive in a unique and unusual approach of visual design.

2) In grudge style, web designers are fun of using heavy texture. Grudge style often connotes the raw, historic, rough, urban, and rebellious themes. In today's information-oriented environment, many professional web designers experiments for something new to express their creativity. They got tired of a theme that suggests stability or web pages that are created with straight lines, solid colors, and perfect gradients.

The usage of heavy textured web pages manifests the creativity and the desire of a web designer to really express his own theme. Some of the personal web sites, online portfolios, and blogs follow the grudge style now. These kinds of site are using heavy textured to convey the different usage of visual elements.

3) The use of unusual font typeface. Fonts displayed in grudge style are sometimes eroded. The most common fonts used in grudge style are Turbo Ripped, Dirty Ames, Sidewalk, Neoprint M319, and Trashed. These kinds of fonts are mashed-up fonts excellent of showing extra details, gives intricate details of wood typed design, or to give extra textural feeling in the design.

4) The use of grungy icons. Though it is not always use as a part of the design, those icons can be added to create a feeling of uneasiness in visual design.